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January 8th, 2009

Jim Weaver Mini Bio

(Because who would read a long one.)

Once upon a time in a land far, far away (Dallas) I was born! My mom and I moved to Houston when I was 12 years old and have called both cities my home ever since. Started in the radio biz in January of 1986. My first station was a 1500  Watt AM powerhouse (NOT!) where I cut my teeth (and practically everything else) in radio. The pay was horrible, the hours sucked and the appreciation was practically non-existent… but it was there that I fell passionately in love with the radio business and I’ve been doing it ever since! In fact I don’t think I’d be truly happy doing anything else. Along the way I’ve done it all, mornings, middays, afternoons, traffic reporter (in-studio and airborne), program director, music director, you name it! But no matter what time-slot I’m working the most fun I have is doing my best to entertain you and hopefully make your day a little better. I’m married, have 5 wonderful kids (1 girl, 4 boys), I’m a Leo (if that matters) and I love my job.

The only wisdom I have to impart… It’s great to be paid to do something that you love to do! Find something in life that you love doing and figure out a way to make a living doing it. It’s not wealth and possessions that truly make people happy, it’s doing what you enjoy everyday. I’m a happy guy and it’s all because you listen to my little radio program… how cool is that!

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